After School for Cosmopolitan: “Feel More Responsibility After Kahi’s Graduation”

After School gave their thoughts on their graduation system and that it isn’t always necessarily a bad thing.

The brief interview was for the August edition of Cosmopolitan. Recently, the original leader Kahi graduated from After School and a new member Ga Eun joined. Also, Jung Ah was chosen as the new leader.

After School’s most recent album “Flashback” is named that way to show that they want to show a strong and sexy image the same as when they first debuted.

After School stated that after Kahi’s graduation, each member felt more responsible for the group’s success and ended up trying even harder. They also stated that it is sad when a member graduates, but because a new member comes in, the system allows them to receive attention once again with a different color.

When After School was asked about a charming point of each member they replied with, Lizzy’s ability to make people laugh, Uee’s professionalism, and Jung Ah’s charm that increases whenever she talks.