JYP “I Spend My Lonely Nights with Fellow Bachelor Bae Yong Joon”

On the most recent episode of MBC radio “Jung Yup’s Blue Night,” JYP talked about his life and his upcoming movie “A Millionaire on the Run.” On the topic of his single life, JYP commented, “My philosophy is that a person must eat good food with a good company and do the things that interest him or her with the people he or she likes. So nowadays, I just don’t go out to eat any delicious food anymore. Since Bae Yong Joon also spends a lot of time on his own and seems lonely like I am, we usually go quickly grab something healthy for a bite and spend time together.”

Jung Yup also asked JYP about his career change from a singer and songwriting producer to an actor. Jung Yup said, “Wasn’t it hard to get directions from a director?” JYP responded, “It was so hard. I’m usually extremely tenacious and exhaust my singers at JYP Entertainment when I work with them. My experience of filming ‘A Millionaire on the Run’ allowed me to reflect on myself. I learned that I should be careful and soft with my words and facial expressions.” He added, “The competitors of ‘K-Pop Star 2‘ should consider themselves lucky, since I’ve learned my lesson the hard way and now know how to not be so harsh on others in giving directions.”

JYP also talked about being in charge of one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Korea. JYP said, “I really enjoy working and drinking with the artists at JYPE and my colleagues. However, I understand that some artists might feel uncomfortable as I am a senior to a lot of them. So I’m only going to host social gatherings when they ask me to.” He also explained why it takes him longer than any other at JYPE to release a new album. He explained, “Even though I want to sing so badly, it’s really hard to release my own album. I make the least profit out of all JYP artists, so I have to complete idols’ albums like Wonder Girls and 2PM before I can start working on mine. Once, I had to give away one of the songs I wrote for myself to another artist at JYPE because ‘they couldn’t waste a good song like this one on a JYP album.'”