T-ara’s Hyomin is a Gumiho?

On July 19, T-ara‘s Hyomin uploaded a selca on twitter and commented, “Hello, everyone. I’m Gu Mimo, the heroine of ‘The Thousandth Man.’ How do you like my name? I’m an ex-gumiho. I’ve lured up to 1000 men.” The revealed picture instantly garnered attention from T-ara fans and netizens with Hyomin’s pale skin, red lips, and piercing eyes looking seductively at the camera. It seems like she really got into her character already.

Gumiho is a mystical nine-tailed fox. The legends of gumiho tells that this wicked nine-tailed fox can freely transform into a beautiful woman and seduce men to eventually kill them and eat their livers to become a human. Netizens commented on Hyomin’s gumiho look, “You really look like a gumiho,” “You just keep getting prettier,” “So pretty…” and “I am so excited for your new drama!”

The upcoming MBC drama “The Thousandth Man” talks about a gumiho’s story and how she has to meet 1000 men before she can turn into a real human. The show will be airing on August 10.