Super Junior Celebrates Leeteuk’s Birthday on Air

Footage of the Super Junior members coming together to celebrate leader Leeteuk’s 30th birthday was revealed.

During the recent episode of KBS’ “Star Life Theater,” special backstage video of the popular idol group Super Junior was broadcast.

In the episode, the members were seen throwing a birthday party for their leader (whose birthday was on July 1). The love and devotion they have for their leader was obvious, the members went to great lengths as they even baked the cake themselves from scratch.

When it was time for the party, the members, sans Leeteuk, huddled together in the dorm and called to him, “Hyung! Please come into the living room.” As Leeteuk entered the room his fellow members greeted him and began the festivities. Leeteuk was so surprised and touched to hear that the members had planned baked him a cake. The party was definitely a success.

The Super Junior leader was also praised by fellow “Strong Heart” cast member Boom during the episode.