BEAST Releases MV Teaser for “Beautiful Night”

After revealing an audio teaser earlier, BEAST‘s music video teaser for “Beautiful Night” has been released!

Their new mini album “Midnight Sun” is set for release this Sunday on July 22. The song “Midnight” has already been released as a digital single and was also accompanied by the release of a theme music video.

Just like the theme music video, this one was also shot in New York. While the teaser is thirty-two seconds long, an instrumental is played for most of it with only one line of the song being heard at the end.

“Beautiful Night,” is reported to be of an electronic synth genre, as the group attempts a 180 degree transformation from their previous singles. This release comes over a year since their previous hit “Fiction” in their full-length album “Fiction and Fact” from May 2011.

Are you excited for BEAST’s comeback? Only a few more days until the album is out!