BEAST Nervous about Their Change in New Album

BEAST had a special press meeting on July 20 and revealed their true feelings about their first comeback in nearly 14 months.

“We did our best to come back with a new style for our fans that waited for so long. We, too, waited for a long time and worked very hard. You should look forward to it,” BEAST said.

“14 months is a long time for a comeback. So yeah, we are nervous about it. But if we come back with good music, we believe our fans will show lots of support, even if they were supporting other artists in the meantime,” the six-member group revealed.

They also talked about the electro dance genre of their new single, “It’s a Beautiful Night.” They said, “Since this is our first song in 14 months, we thought we had to come out with a completely new style from our ‘Fiction’ days. It’s summer, so we chose the cool electro sound.”

“Of course, we are nervous about the change. But we wanted to try something new. In order to change our style, we had to do something drastically different. But we also made sure all BEAST members agreed to the song,” they added.

BEAST’s fifth mini album, containing the title track, “It’s a Beautiful Night,” will be released on July 22. Stay tuned for more updates!