G-Dragon in a Dress for “Harper’s Bazaar”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon wore a dress for “Harper’s Bazaar.” In the past, G-Dragon has been known for wearing female clothes and it looks like he is doing it once more! He is doing it with a skateboard! (G-Dragon’s love for skateboarding has recently come to attention)

The photoshoot with G-Dragon will be in the August edition of “Harper’s Bazaar.” This edition of “Harper’s Bazaar” is a 16 year anniversary special.

Back at the end of June, G-Dragon appeared in front of a 2013 Spring / Summer fashion show. Many were curious as to why G-Dragon was in Paris but it was for the “Harper’s Bazaar” photoshoot!

G-Dragon was chosen as the first Korean celebrity muse for Maison Baccarat. The August edition of “Harper’s Bazaar” will be released on July 20.