“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Contest: Win a Brown Eyed Girls Shout-Out and Appear in Their Video!

Hey Soompiers!

The Brown Eyed Girls are back, and this time it’s a gorgeous ballad! “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” was composed by BEG’s Jea and Kim Baksa (who composed the soundtrack to “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”). The music video portrays a beautiful love story that matches the sweet, contemplative tone of the song. Now the Brown Eyed Girls are giving you a chance to create your own story. Tell us about your midsummer night’s dream, using photo or video, and you could win a personalized video shoutout from the Brown Eyed Girls and an autographed CD! Oh, and the winning entries will be included in a special Brown Eyed Girls’ video! Wow!

This contest is open to all registered Soompiers. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Fill in the blank of this sentence: “My midsummer night’s dream is ______.” Use an original photo or video to describe your midsummer’s night dream. Be as creative as possible! (Yes, the photo can be your original artwork or photography.)
  2. Post your entry in our Brown Eyed Girls’ “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” contest forum thread. You must post your photos and videos so that they appear in the thread, rather than simply pasting in a link.
  3. Share the article or forum thread on Facebook or tweet “I want to win #BrownEyedGirls “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” contest @soompi http://bit.ly/MwIeNi”

Soompi and Nega Network will pick five winners. Our choices will be based on merit, but we will give special consideration to those entries which have received a lot of votes on the forums. We encourage you to share your entry on Facebook and/or Twitter to tell your friends about the contest, and tell them to vote for you!

We will accept entries until Thursday, August 2, 11:59 PM KST. That’s two weeks for you to get the Brown Eyed Girls to give you a personalized shoutout, an autographed CD, and the chance to appear in their video! If your entry is going to appear in a real K-Pop video, it had better be high quality! Get creative! Good luck!

(We hope everyone will enter the contest, but those of you who are feeling a little low on creativity can still have a chance to get an autograph from one of the Brown Eyed Girls. Soompi Shop is selling a special Brown Eyed Girls package including a BEG cap, custom pencils, and four photos, one of which will be autographed by Jea, Ga In, Miryo, or Narsha! This offer ends on Saturday, August 4, so get your orders in while you can!)