BEG’s Miryo Traumatized by Solo Activities

Brown Eyed GirlsMiryo participated in the rapper round interview of Mnet “Show Me the Money” and reflected on her solo career. She said, “Personally, I struggled with my first solo promotion in the beginning of the year. I’m still struggling with it.” She explained, “I realized that I’ve never had a solo career. Since I was young, I was a part of a hip hop team. I realized my shortcomings as I was trying to lead the stage on my own. It traumatized me a little bit, so I started to get unnecessarily nervous.”

Miryo said that her concerns about being a solo artist continues in “Show Me the Money.” She said, “When you get nervous, you become less confident. In this case, the survival aspect of the show added more burden. It’s unfortunate. But now I know what my problems are. All I have to do is to work on them and better myself.”

During the interview, Miryo also talked about losing the idol title and returning to being a hip hop artist. She stated, “Although a lot of people think of me as an idol, my mindset is very much like a non-idol. I’m doing the things that I enjoy and makes me happy. Working with hip hop artists isn’t out of my element. I don’t feel awkward at all.”

Mnet “Show Me the Money” is a hip hop survival show that puts 8 rapper teams with a rookie rapper together for a competition. The rookie rapper was chosen through an audition. The audience decides who is going to get eliminated each episode. “Show Me the Money” airs every Friday at 11pm KST.