Seo In Gook’s Confession Rejected by A Pink’s Eunji

On the most recent episode of tvN “Talk Show Taxi,” Seo In Gook confessed his feelings for “Answer Me 1997” co-star A Pink‘s Eunji. When asked, “Do you really not have any feelings for each other?” Seo In Gook answered, “In the beginning, I didn’t have any feelings for her at all. But now, I think there is something.”

Upon Seo In Guk’s honest confession, MC Lee Young Ja and Gong Hyun Jin called Eunji on the spot. They asked the same question “Do you really not have any feelings for Seo In Gook?” to Eunji and her response was short and clear, “No.” Lee Young Ja tried once again and asked Eunji, “What is your ideal guy like? Is it not Seo In Gook?” She responded, “No.”

Before hanging up the phone, Eunji added in a humorous manner, “It’s a little burdensome. I hope Seo In Gook could control his feelings.” Eunji’s clear rejection made everyone in the car burst out into laughter.