IU Reveals Her Ideal Type

The nation’s littler sister IU recently revealed her ideal type, and it has been creating quite a buzz.

IU took part in the opening show at the “Tokyo Theater Orb” in Shibuya, Tokyo on July 19. There she performed the song “Somewhere” from the hit musical “West Side Story.” During the interview after the performance, IU said, “I am planning to official start my Japanese promotions with my second singled ‘YOU&I.’ Because I am still a rookie in Japan, my goal is to be referred to as the ‘next door neighbor’s little sister.'”

When asked about her ideal type, IU answered, “My ideal type is Tamaki Koji of Anchen Chitai. I think his white hair, his warm expression, and his soothing voice are all charming. I will be having my first concert in Tokyo September, and I would like to sing Tamaki Koji’s ‘Friend.‘”

Netizens who came upon IU’s honest confession commented, “IU ideal type is a bit unexpected~,” “IU’s ideal type is Tamaki Koji? I was surprised!”, “I can understand why he’d be IU’s ideal type,” and more.

In related news, IU will be holding her first solo concert “IU Special Friendship Concert – Autumn 2012” in Tokyo, Japan on September 17.