Kara’s Gyuri: “I Was Told That I Couldn’t Debut Unless I Underwent Plastic Surgery.”

On July 21, Kara‘s Gyuri revealed on KBS2TV’s talk show “Do Dream” that she had rejected a plastic surgery offer before her debut.

Gyuri explained on the show, “If you have plastic surgery, you can become cute and adorable. However, I wanted to be loved exactly the way I am.” She continued, “Before my debut, I was offered plastic surgery from an agency. Next to the contract, there was an estimate sheet for plastic surgery. They told me that I couldn’t debut unless I underwent plastic surgery on a certain place.”

Also, “At the time, my parents were next to me, and it made me sad to hear that in their presence. The president of that agency wanted doll-like looks. But I wanted to show him that he was wrong by making my debut without plastic surgery.”