Ha Ji Won’s Sexy Selca

Ha Ji Won recently posted on her twitter, “I wish I could have fun times like these. Wearing a beautiful dress and sipping a delicious glass of wine at night. Moments like these are simply the best,” along with a photo of herself.

In the photo, Ha Ji Won’s is wearing what appears to be a sexy black sleeve dress with lacy patterns for design. Although the low light setting doesn’t reveal much the enchanting charms of Ha Ji Won were felt by netizens who saw the photo.

The netizens who saw the photos remarked, “I feel like she’s gotten slimmer!” “I was wondering how she was doing,” “She just gets prettier by the day,” “She’s sexy even when she is not wearing revealing outfits,” “She seems to be relaxing and enjoying herself,” and “Please return to the big screen soon!”

In the meanwhile, Ha Ji Won has postponed the release of her book in preparation for other activities.