2PM’s Nichkhun Shares Family Photo

2PM’s Nichkhun recently shared his family photo with his fans. On July 23, the singer tweeted, “Happy birthday my lovely sister~ July 22nd,” and attached a photo of himself with his family.

As shown in the photo, Nichkhun posed with his mother, brother, and younger sister. Many fans observed that the four are strikingly great-looking and shared the same beautiful smile. Nichkhun’s older brother, Nichan is also a celebrity in Thailand, while one of his younger sister, Yanin, is also a supermodel.

Netizens commented, “It’s a family photo spread,” “Great genes,” “He looks so happy, maybe it’s because he’s with family,” “He’s such a sweet older brother,” and more.

Meanwhile, Nichkhun has returned after attending the press conference for his debut movie, “Seven Something,” in Thailand.