[Soompi Shop] BEAST’s “Midnight Sun” Special Package!

BEAST is back with their fifth mini-album “Midnight Sun” and Soompi Shop is offering a special deal for BEAST fans! Here’s your chance to have your very own BEAST special package of the mini-album “Midnight Sun.” This special package is an absolute must-own item for any serious Beast fan!

The mini album contains six songs including the title track “It’s a Beautiful Night.” As many of you already know, the single “Midnight” was pre-released.

The special package contains the mini-album “Midnight Sun,” a poster, and a special sticker card!

The special package will be on sale from July 23 to July 27. Remember to reserve your copy now!

“Midnight Sun” Track List:

1. Midnight

2. It’s a Beautiful Night

3. Not Myself

4. If I Want to See You

5. A Day When You Rest

6. Dream Girl

“Midnight Sun” captures the uniqueness of the BEAST members. “Midnight” is already popular and it is a song that describes a sleepless night due to the pain of love. The title song “It’s a Beautiful Night” is an electro synth pop song that shows the prowess of BEAST. The songs “Not Myself” and “The Day You Rest” contain funky melodies and intriguing lyrics. “If I Want to See You” and “Dream Girl” are slow songs that give the listener rest from the other stimulating songs.

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