[Recap] A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 18

 The first funny scene is a car accident. Each of the members called important people to scare the kid who hit their car from behind. The kid merely calls insurance.

 We are brought back to the final scene of the last episode. Yoon has gone to stop Meahri from leaving and hugs her in front of his car. Yoon says, “I love you Meahri. I’m sorry for making you have a hard time alone. I’m sorry for being late too. You’re not going anywhere.”


 Yoon brings Meahri to Taesan. Taesan is in utter shock. Yoon, “I’m sorry if I lose her now, I thought I’d lose her forever.” Yoon goes on and basically asks Taesan to permit their dating. Taesan, “From today I’ve lost the two of you. Meahri get out of this house, this isn’t your home anymore. I’m no longer your brother.”

 Yisoo and Yoon are sitting together talking about what has happened. Yisoo also thanks Yoon for helping out regarding the “café incident.” It looks as though Meahri will stay with Yisoo.

After hearing the news, Hong Pro goes to Taesan’s house to console him.

 Rok is back home and Minsook is angry that he has been a motel. She doesn’t believe Rok when he explains the situation. Minsook ends up calling Meahri to check but she ends up crying. Minsook says, “I can’t do this anymore. Let’s get a divorce.” Rok doesn’t take it seriously.

 Dojin is curious about how Collin is doing and asks about school and friends.

 Yoon has just got back and tells Dojin how Taesan has kicked out Meahri. Yoon wonders if he will get forgiven. Dojin, “Why are all of these loves like war?”

 Yoon takes off his wedding ring.

Taesan has come to work and is very pissed off. Dojin notices that he has picked up smoking again.

Taesan and Yoon are eating lunch together. Taesan notices that Yoon doesn’t have his wedding ring on anymore. Taesan says things like “Would you be able to accept this situation?” and “I trusted you.” Yoon basically states that he won’t give up. Taesan walks away in anger.

 Dojin is out looking for a home with Yisoo. Yisoo finds out that Dojin is afraid of bugs.

 Dojin helps Yisoo paint the new house. Yisoo finds out that Dojin was raised in a warm family. Yisoo explains that she wasn’t raised in such a happy household.

 Dojin exclaims that Yisoo’s happiness is just beginning and they share a kiss.

Dojin and Rok help Yisoo and Hong Pro move. Dojin tries to take a peak up Yisoo’s skirt. (Hoho)


 Yoon and Meahri go on their first date together.

 Rok is talking to Minsook. Minsook says that she can’t trust Rok anymore and wants a divorce. Minsook says, “Please let me go. Let’s get a divorce” and she bursts into tears.

 Dojin buys dinner for Yisoo’s colleagues. During the dinner one teacher says, “Everyone says that my husband looks like Jang Dong Gun.” (LOL)

 Yisoo and Dojin are in Dojin’s car and to make things less awkward Dojin keeps trying to change the radio chanel but all the songs have lyrics that are racy. Dojin says, “If I don’t let you go home what are you going to do? I don’t want to let you go home today.” (Implying that he wants to sleep with her)