The Wonder Girls New Single “Like Money” Is Gaining Recognition in the U.S.

According to a press release by JYP Entertainment, the Wonder Girls song “Like Money” which features Akon is gaining recognition in the U.S. After its release, the song received attention from Billboard and MTV. Also, on the online community message boards of radio stations such as “100.9” and “97.3” there are many messages asking when “Like Money” will be played again. Other comments that appeared on the online community message boards were “Like Money is this summer’s best song” and “I will cheer on the Wonder Girls. It has been a long time since their last single.”

Also, the Wonder Girls and Akon appearance at the “Green Groove Festival” was a great success. The Wonder Girls performed, “Like This,” “Be My Baby,” “So Hot,” “Tell Me,” and “Nobody.” Akon performed, “Lonely,” “Be Angel,” “Na Na Na,” and “I’ll Wanna.” Of course they also performed “Like Money” together.

JYP Entertainment made the following statement, “Like Money is receiving a lot of positive response from U.S. Wonder Girls fans. Please continue to support the Wonder Girls who will promote in the U.S. and Japan.”