Ji Hyun Woo Sheds Tears at Fan Meeting

The most recent episode of SBS “Good Morning” showed Ji Hyun Woo‘s last fan meeting before his enlistment. Ji Hyun Woo’s fan meeting was held in Seoul, Korea on July 22 under the title, “Ji Hyun Woo’s Little Concert Filled with Longing and Excitement.” Approximately 500 fans gathered at this fan meeting to share a memorable last moment with Ji Hyun Woo before he leaves to serve in the military for two years.

Ji Hyun Woo prepared various stages for his fans. Near the end, he teared up while playing the guitar and singing. He said, “It feels as if this is the last episode of a radio show. I will be fine, I will come back healthy. I just can’t help it but to tear up when I think about all the love and support I’ve been receiving from all of you.” His girlfriend and co-star from “Queen In Hyun’s Man,” Yoo In Na was not at the fan meeting.

Netizens commented, “Stay healthy, we will be waiting for you,” “Hope your beautiful relationship with Yoo In Na continues,” and “Ji Hyun Woo, you’re the man.” Ji Hyun Woo will enter the bootcamp to begin his military service on August 7.