CNBlue’s Lee Jong Hyun Receives Praise for Tears Acting

On the most recent episode of “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” CN Blue‘s Lee Jong Hyun impressed viewers with his tears. In the show, Kim Do Jin (played by Jang Dong Gun) approached his son Colin (played by Lee Jong Hyun), who was writing songs on his guitar in the room and told him that he is dating Seo Yi Soo (played by Kim Ha Neul) again.

Upon hearing the news, Colin told Kim Do Jin “Congratulations” and sincerely wished him happiness in his relationship. In doing so, all the mixed emotions he has been feeling throughout his journey of looking for his estranged biological father hit him all at once, causing him to tear up. Kim Do Jin embraced his son with love and Colin shed emotional tears in front of his father for the first time in 19 years.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Hyun sang “My Love,” a soundtrack of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” with sorrowful and emotional voice and garnered much attention.