Wonder Girls Ye Eun’s Sexy Transformation in Singles Magazine

Wonder GirlsYe Eun went through a radical transformation for a pictorial in Singles magazine’s August issue. Ye Eun got out of her usual good-girl shell and transformed into a dark, tough, and strong female figure in sexy black outfits and heavy smoky eye makeup. Lively and cute Ye Eun singing “Like This” in colorful outfits was nowhere to be found in this pictorial. Her transformation reminds one of Lisbeth Salander from film “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

In the interview, Ye Eun talked about her career not as an idol, but as a musician. Ye Eun has been continuously writing songs for Wonder Girls. During the interview, she talked about her ambitious goal of including her own song in SBS “K-Pop Star” winner Park Ji Min‘s debut album. She also talked about her experience of living on her won apart from any parental or guardian supervision with fellow Wonder Girls member Yubin. The details of Ye Eun’s independent living, career in music, and Wonder Girls stories will be included in the August issue of Singles.