Ki Tae Young to Release Song for One Year Anniversary

Ki Tae Young recently produced a song for his wife Eugene, earning the nickname “parakeet couple” from netizens for their adorable relationship.

Ki Tae Young’s agency announced, “Ki Tae Young will be releasing a song titled ‘Oh, My Fairy‘ for his wife Eugene in celebration of their one year anniversary.”

The lyrics “Oh, My fairy” were all lovingly penned by Ki Tae Young. The sweet melody combined with heartfelt lyrics are bound to charm any listener. In the track, you hear Ki Tae Young sing, “Even when we’re apart, you’re in my heart. Oh~ My angel. Oh~ My girl. Oh~ My wife” in declaration of his love for his wife Eugene.

The track “Oh, My Fairy” will be available starting July 23 online for download.

The star couple met on the set of the 2009 MBC drama series “Creating Destiny” and were married a year and a half later.

Check out the song below!