SNSD’s Yuri Looking Gorgeous in a Peach Colored Dress

Girl’s Generation Yuri recently wowed netizens in a peach-colored dress that accentuated her feminine frame and beauty. Some news writers have even remarked that Yuri’s beautiful smile possessed the ability to somehow evoke the fragrance of summer in the lovely dress.

The photo was released modeling campaign for Mamonde cosmetics that Yuri has been participating in since this past April. A controversial cf was pulled from the Mamonde website after netizens complained that Yuri was sending the wrong message to young women everywhere, failing to support female empowerment by resorting to questionable methods of saving up in order to buy cosmetic products.

Her Mamonde cfs have gained many views online and ranks even second in certain categories.

As one of the faces of Mamonde cosmetics, Yuri appears to effortlessly transfer her radiant and youthful beauty to the allure of the product she is currently promoting.

Check out one of Yuri’s Mamonde cfs below!