SISTAR’s Bora Is an Archery Goddess?

SISTAR’s Bora showed off surprising archery skills. She gained a new nickname which was “Goddess Archer.” On July 15 the MBC’s “Idol Star Olympics” was filmed at the Yongin University Sports Complex. The “Idol Star Olympics” was filmed to commemorate the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. Sports such as fencing, table tennis, and archery were added.

July 15 was the date where an archery competition was held among the idols that participated. Bora caught the attention of everyone because during her archery session she hit the “Perfect Gold Zone.”

The “Idol Star Olympics” will broadcast on July 25-26 and will include the idols, SISTAR, 2PM, 2AM, f(x), T-ara, After School, MBLAQ, CNBlue, miss A, Secret, ZE:A, Infinite, and Teen Top. Stay tuned to for more details of the event!