After School’s Nana: “I Gained Weight Recently and Became 51kg”

After School’s Nana showed how much her belly grows. Nana appeared as a guest on MBC Everyone’s “Weekly Idol” for the “Rewriting Profiles” corner. During this corner, the members of After School appeared and fixed their profiles.

“I gained weight recently and became 51kg. Whenever I eat it goes to my belly so that is why I am currently worried.” In order to check if she was telling the truth, Nana actually went to eat beef and the show checked how much her belly had grew.

The staff was surprised because when they checked Nana’s waist-size it had actually increased in a very short amount of time.

Nana stated, “When I eat my belly really pops out. However, when I exercise the belly disappears.” The show featuring Nana and her belly will broadcast on July 25.