[Recap] A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 17

 The first funny scene of “A Gentleman’s Diginity” episode 17 shows each of the 4G talking about their favorite superheroes. Yoon’s favorite superhero is Superman, Dojin’s favorite superhero is Batman, Taesan’s favorite is Spiderman, and Rok’s favorite superhero is Taekwon V.

 We are back to the last scene of episode 16 with Yisoo copying Dojin and she gives him shoes.

 When Dojin is alone he actually wears the shoes!

 Dojin and Taesan are together talking about a big event where they will have an important presentation. Dojin asks Taesan to make up a rumor that Dojin is good at drumming because he is going to invite somebody important. Taesan asks who it is but Dojin doesn’t answer.

Dojin goes in front of Yisoo’s school to give her the invitation to the event dressed up as a bear.


 Meahri asks if she can go to the event as well, but instead she gets the shocking news that Taesan is sending her off to the U.S.

 Dojin meets Yisoo at the event and she is all expectant but Dojin does not say anything about their relationship. Yisoo asks him what the deal is and Dojin acts like he doesn’t know or doesn’t remember.

 Rok is talking to a girl and Minsook thinks that he is flirting. However, the girl was just asking Rok for directions.

 Dojin is shown playing the drums and he has worn the shoes that Yisoo has given him. However, Yisoo doesn’t seem to notice this at all. (I mean how could she, you can barely see his feet anyways lol) Yisoo leaves all angry.

Meahri and Yoon are together and she tells him that she loves him. She asks for some kind of response, but Yoon rejects her and walks away in tears. Yoon is home alone in tears.


In anger Yisoo has drank so much that the next day she needs to call a person to drive for her. Yisoo goes to the spot where she talked with Dojin before. Yisoo even receives a call from Meahri, how things have ended badly for her and Yoon. (She doesn’t notice Dojin behind her)

 Dojin finally goes right next to her.

Dojin, “I am Kim Dojin, I have a son that is 19, I have lots of history, and I am a bad guy that makes girls cry often. If you can accept me, will you date me?” Yisoo, “I am not going to date anymore, I am going to live by myself.” Then she notices the shoes that Dojin has worn and hears how she jumped to assumptions again.

 The two share a passionate hug.

 Minsook went to the OBGYN to talk about her chances of getting pregnant. The doctor says that her case isn’t hopeless because of her age. Rok has actually sneaked in to console her. The two share a hug.

 Hong Pro and Taesan share a cute moment at a restaurant together.

 The universe seems to be at peace finally as Dojin and Yisoo are napping on her bed in bliss.

Dojin tells Collin that he is dating Yisoo. Collin says that he is glad because he felt sorry about how things went because of him. (He thought he was the cause of Dojin’s breakup, well he sorta was) Dojin also tells Collin not to think that it’s his fault if something bad happens to Dojin. Collin sheds a tear (Superb acting) and Dojin pats Collin on the shoulder.

Dojin and Yisoo are sharing a happy date when they receive a text from Meahri that she is suddenly leaving.

 Meahri is about to leave the country when Yoon suddenly appears.

 At the parking lot of the airport Meahri says “If my brother finds out..” and Yoon gives her a strong hug.