MBLAQ’s G.O Speaks on Giving “You’re the Only One” to A-PRINCE

MBLAQ’s G.O, who gave the song “You’re the Only One” to new group A-PRINCE shared his thoughts on the matter, one day before the pre-debut track is released online.

According to reports in local news agencies, fans and industry watchers have noted MBLAQ G.O’s dedication to music, writing “You’re the Only One” through his busy schedule, including an Asian tour and filming for the SBS drama “Ghost,” of which he is a cast member.

“It’s my first time to be involved in the work and music of another artists, so I have high hopes,” G.O was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, A-PRINCE is made up of members Seungwoon, Taehyuk, Minhyuk, Seungjoon and Siyoon. The five-member male group’s name is explained with the “A” meaning “Asia,” “Amazing,” “Awesome,” “Ace” and “Absolute.”

After the release of “You’re the Only One,” A-PRINCE is set to hold a mini-showcase on July 26 in Seoul. They are expected to slowly break into the scene through music programs, though details on when this will take place are yet to be revealed. A-PRINCE has started activities in China and Japan, and reports say they have also attracted attention of some audiences in Europe.

“You’re the Only One” was released on online music sites on July 25.