Jay Park Tweet Aimed at Nichkhun?

On July 24, Jay Park wrote on twitter, “Smiling at other peoples misfortunes is a horrible character trait #thatsveryugly #justsaying.” Many people are cautiously assuming that Jay Park’s tweet is aimed at 2PM Nichkhun‘s recent drunk driving accident and those who speak ill of him.

Nichkhun got into a DUI accident with a motorcycle on July 24 approximately at 2:45am. His blood alcohol content at the time reached 0.056% and his driver’s license has been suspended since the accident. He admitted to having a couple glasses of beer with other JYP artists after a rehearsal. He spent nearly two hours at the police station, completing his statement. The police plans on summoning him one more time in the future before handing the case over to the prosecutor’s office. Nichkhun and JYP Entertainment decided to have insurance cover the accident.

Since the accident, many netizens have been pouring out raw criticisms against Nichkhun. Meanwhile, Jay Park had previously fallen a victim of online harassment and criticism in 2009 when he was released from JYPE for the “unforgivable thing” he had done. Since leaving JYPE, Jay Park has successfully launched a solo career.