Actor Yoo Ji Tae: “Don’t Buy Puppies, Adopt Them”

On July 23, actor Yoo Ji Tae posted on twitter, “My Hyo Shim used to an abandoned dog. Please don’t buy puppies, adopt them” along with a picture of himself with his new puppy Hyo Shim. When a netizen asked him via twitter, “Is there a set of requirements for a person to adopt a puppy?” Yoo Ji Tae wrote back, “Requirements. Thinking of the puppy as a family member and raising it with love. Is that too much to ask for?”

Previously on July 21, Yoo Ji Tae posted on twitter a picture of his wife, actress Kim Hyo Jin, and wrote, “My wife loves and cares for animals more than she does for people. Especially when she sees stray animals on the streets, she tears up. My wife became a vegetarian 5 years ago, because she didn’t want to eat animals that have feelings.” The revealed picture showed Kim Hyo Jin volunteering to take care of stray dogs.

Netizens’ commented on Yoo Ji Tae’s picture, “Hyo Shim is so cute,” “I hope there will be no more abandoned dogs,” and “I can’t believe a cute puppy like Hyo Shim was abandoned.”