Wonder Girls’ Sohee on the Cover for Dazed & Confused

Wonder Girls‘ Sohee made it to the cover of fashion magazine Dazed & Confused‘s August issue with Hollywood star Chloe Sevigny. The magazine’s August issue has two variations with either Sohee or Chloe Sevigny as the cover model. Dazed & Confused picked the two celebrities as the fashion icons of Seoul and New York.

Sohee actively participated in the making of Dazed & Confused pictorial from the beginning. She suggested many ideas and concepts in the pre-production stage. The chosen cover concept, “Clean Femme Fatale” was also Sohee’s idea. As she has a lot of experience with fashion pictorials, Sohee made several valuable suggestions in outfits, hair, and makeup. Her creative directing skills impressed all the staffs at Dazed & Confused. The photo shoot lasted nearly 9 hours, but Sohee seemed to enjoy the whole process without showing any signs of exhaustion. As a result, she successfully portrayed both captivating and feminine side and innocent, child-like side of her through Dazed & Confused.

During the interview conducted along with the photo shoot, Sohee talked about her personal thoughts on Wonder Girls, musical taste, and things she wants to do in her 20s. More detailed interviews and pictures will be featured in the August issue of Dazed & Confused.