Solbi Talks About Being Depressed on “Strong Heart”

On the most recent episode of SBS “Strong Heart,” Solbi talked about her hiatus, depression, and how she coped with her problems. She said, “I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing anymore. Moreover, I was getting confused with my values. So I decided to take a break. During the break, I changed my phone number and avoided seeing people. It was weird to not have anything to do after living a busy life for so long.”

Solbi had initially planned to do several things during her break, but her plans fell through as she was feeling unsettled emotionally. She felt left out, empty, and eventually developed a social phobia and depression. After a long contemplation, she finally sought professional help from a therapist. Solbi explained, “When I first visited the psychiatrist’s office, he wanted to know what my wishes were. I didn’t have anything to say. I just didn’t have any desire or wish left in me.”

Along with therapy sessions, Solbi turned to reading and painting to nurse herself emotionally. She told, “I used to get sleepy whenever I opened a book. However one day, I picked up this book ‘Those Not In Love Right Now Are All Guilty‘ by Rho Hee Kyung. All throughout the book, I felt like it was representing exactly how I was feeling.” Solbi also said that painting saved her from depression. She brought a piece out to “Strong Heart” studio with her. The painting was titled “Cinderella’s Brain Map.” Solbi explained that she portrayed modern women’s desire and greed in this particular piece.