Kyuhyun Got Hit by Leeteuk After Playing a Joke

Members of popular group Super Junior revealed that there has been some strife among the group.

On the July 25 broadcast of SBS‘s entertainment program, “Strong Heart,” Super Junior’s Kyuhyun made an appearance on the show along with his fellow members. During the episode he shared a story about a prank he played on Leeteuk back during their “Mr. Simple” promotions, “Backstage our leader Leeteuk was sleeping when I decided to spray him with water.”

He continued, “It was hard for me to stop laughing. That’s how Leeteuk found out that I did it and he was really upset. So he hit me twice on the head. At the time I thought it was unfair and I refused to talk to him.”

Eunhyuk added to the story by further explaining the situation, “At that time we were doing a joint stage with f(x) when Luna got hurt. She had injured her ankle and had to be taken to the hospital. Already it just wasn’t a good day. After the preparations were complete, Leeteuk was tired so he tried to go to sleep. But Donghae wasn’t aware of what was going on and was playing around. By the time Kyuhyun sprayed water on Leeteuk’s face. Leetuek thought it was Kyuhyun who had been making all the noise. So he yelled at him.”

Leeteuk apologized saying, “Right after hitting Kyuhyun I regretted it. So I immediately apologized. Kyuhyunah, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”