Girls’ Generation Flaunt Their Nine Charms

Ace Bed unveiled a new photo of its endorsement models Girls’ Generation. In the photo, the girls displayed nine different charms – all wearing different color dresses and flashing their distinctive smiles.

Yuri looked confident wearing a bold red mini dress as she stood in the middle. YoonA displayed her innocent girly charm in a white lacy dress, while leggy Sooyoung flaunted her long, slim legs, wearing the shortest dress out of the girls. Hyoyeon showed off her bubbly personality through her fun pose, slightly lifting a part of her skirt as she smiled brightly for the camera. The gorgeous photo appears more appropriate for a wedding dress boutique CF rather than one for a mattress brand.

Netizens commented, “ They’re so beautiful,” “Haha, I wonder…If we buy the mattress, do we get those dresses as well?” “Yay, Yuri is in the middle,” “I love Jessica’s dress,” “I love how this one photo displays all the girls’ personalities,” and more.