BoA Visits the Set of “A Gentleman’s Dignity”

BoA showed her support for the drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity” by paying the cast and crew a visit on the set. One of the drama’s lead actors, Kim Suro revealed the singer’s visit through his personal Twitter account. He posted, “Throwing a party! ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ team! Good night!” along with a photo.

In the picture, BoA is seated at the center with drama’s cast and crew. BoA responded, “A surprise visit to the set and interfered with you a little. Sorry. Thank you for having me, too. Also fighting on the last week.”

Kim Suro likewise encouraged BoA with a greeting, “’Only One’ for the jackpot. Good night.”

BoA also uploaded a photo taken with Kim Suro and Kim Min Jong on her Twitter account, saying “Surprise visit on the filming of a new episode! Yoon (Kim Min Jong) is a wonderful brother, and every woman’s ideal Im Tae San (Kim Soo Ro) oppa…Thank you for having me even while you’re busy.”

“A Gentleman’s Dignity” is about to wrap at 20 episodes and is set to air its finale one week later than scheduled to give way to the airing of the London Olympics.