BFFs IU and Suzy Spend Quality Time Together

Recently, on an online community bulletin board, a photo captioned, “Suzy and IU Eating Together” has been garnering attention.

The photo shows IU and Suzy enjoying a meal together at a restaurant. While IU is attentively looking at what appears to be her food, Suzy is seen speaking to IU.  Both girls emanated different feminine fashion: IU wore a black embroidered shirt reflecting maturity, and Suzy showed an innocent white look.

Since their appearance on KBS 2TV‘s drama “Dream High“, both girls developed a close relationship, despite IU being a year older than Suzy.

Netizens commented the photo saying, “It’s so nice seeing them together”, “I wonder what they’re talking about”, “Those two pretty girls seem to be really good friends”, IU is eating with such dedication. Cute” and “Whoever took this photo is lucky”.iu