What Will Happen to the Last Two Episodes of “A Gentleman’s Dignity?”

It appears that due to the broadcast of the 2012 London Olympics, “A Gentleman’s Dignity” will not be able to finish according to its original schedule. (As of now it appears that it will not get completely cancelled as news sources guessed)

Currently there are only two episodes of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” left but the problem is that the episodes need to broadcast on July 28 and 29. Episode 19 of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” will broadcast at 9:30pm. However, it appears that there is still a possibility of the cancellation of Episode 19 because of the Judo, Fencing, and Shooting competitions.

However, the final episode (episode 20) will not broadcast on July 29. Instead SBS will show the male and female Judo competitions. Other than “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” “Sunday Is Good” will also be cancelled.