YG Announces Epik High’s New Album

Epik High is releasing a new album through YG Entertainment after 3 years of hiatus since their 6th album “[e]” in 2009. Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz have already almost finished recording and are scheduling when to release their new album together. YG commented, “As Epik High members went through hard times together, it seems like their desire and passion in music grew bigger. Following Psy‘s big success this summer, Epik High will be the next big YG artist masterpiece.”

Recently, the court has made its verdicts in Tablo’s controversial Stanford degree case made by TaJinYo and it had helped him to find peace of mind finally. During this muddy battle against TaJinYo, YGE welcomed Tablo with open arms and allowed him to make a comeback with “Fever’s End.” The fact that YG is giving Tablo another opportunity to bring back Epik High must mean a lot to him as well as Epik High.

For YG Entertainment, releasing Epik High’s new album is a strategic move to continue the success streak of its artists, which started out with Big Bang in the beginning of the year and is now led by Psy this summer. Psy topped all major music charts upon releasing “Gangnam Style” and put a stop to the “Idol Fever” in Korean music industry. With G-Dragon‘s solo album also scheduled to be released this year, YG Entertainment is ready to continue to please K-pop fans with some quality music in the second half of the year.