Witness: “This Accident was Not Solely Nichkhun’s Fault” + More Details

While 2PM‘s Nichkhun is amidst DUI charges, a particular witness, who was present when the accident occurred, expressed, “Nichkhun is not the only one at fault for this accident.”

On July 24 at around 2:30 a.m., Nichkhun’s Volkswagen and a motorcycle collided. Nichkhun was on his way home from a company dinner after a rehearsal with his fellow JYP labelmates. He admitted to having 2 glasses of beer and his BAC was found to be 0.056%, which led to his license suspension.

The witness, Mr. A (39 years old) spoke about what he saw on this night. He said, “Nichkhun and the motorcyclist were approaching the intersection from a cross direction. The motorcyclist was driving on a downhill path whereas Nichkhun was driving on an uphill path. The motorcyclist was coming from Nichkhun’s left side and was making a right turn. As the motorcyclist was making that right turn, he hit Nichkhun’s right bumper.” After the first collision, Nichkhun’s vehicle was scratched. The witness continued, “The second collision happened when the motorcyclist’s body twisted and hit the right wheel of Nichkhun’s vehicle.” No scratches or marks were left by the second collision.

Mr. A continued, “When I see this situation, I think both sides were showing poor driving skills. However, the accident is not 100% Nichkhun’s fault. Both drivers were driving at fast speeds and even if they quickly braked, the accident wouldn’t have been avoided. I think this has a big impact on Nichkhun’s image. I hope he won’t see too much damage through this incident.”

Police have not yet received a statement from the motorcyclist yet. After receiving a statement, police will go to the scene of the accident and investigate.

Immediately after the collision, the police and ambulance arrived. Mr. A commented, “Nichkhun looked so sorry and shocked, his face was ghost white. He seemed really shocked that the motorcyclist was on the ground.” The witness also refuted the rumors of Nichkhun getting into a verbal argument with the motorcyclist.

Mr. A took the motorcyclist to the hospital and discovered that some cartilage tissue in the motorcyclist’s ear was ripped. Afterwards, a CAT scan and x-rays were taken. Mr. A claimed that the motorcyclist was “bleeding alot and he yelled that his back and shoulders were in pain” at the time of the accident. The motorcyclist is still in the hospital right now and says that his 1st lumbar spine bone has a bit of damage and there is a crack in his shoulder bones so he cannot move his body.

JYP Entertainment stated, “Nichkhun as well as our company would like to apologize for our carelessness. We will partake in any kind of investigation that is needed to our best abilities.” The company is currently making sure that the motorcyclist has everything he needs to recover comfortably.

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