Male Idols and Their Ideal Types

Curious about your favorite idol’s ideal type?
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Onew: A nice girl who has a pretty figure and can sing well

Jonghyun: Someone with a pretty smile, pale face, and thin red lips

Key: An honest and confident woman who is also very stylish

Minho: A good-natured and pretty girl

Taemin: A petite girl who is cute and kindhearted and only looks at him



Seungho: A girl who has kind, shiny eyes

G.O.: Someone who does her best in her field and has a pretty ring finger

Lee Joon: A kind woman who doesn’t lie and only looks at him

Thunder: An adorable, petite woman who is also stylish

Mir: A petite girl with pretty feet, a cute girl with a bob (hairstyle), and someone with small but alluring eyes.


Jung Yong Hwa: A girl with long straight hair, beautiful smile, and clear pretty eyes

Lee Jong Hyun: An older woman with a mature charm

Kang Min Hyuk: A petite older woman who he feels comfortable with

Lee Jung Shin: A feminine, cute older woman who has big eyes and pale skin


Yunho: A woman who is cute, witty, easy-going, wise, and active

Changmin: An adorable girl who also is polite and has great manners

Big Bang

G-Dragon: A smart woman who does her job well

TOP: A girl with a great figure and well-defined facial features

Taeyang: A petite woman who goes to church

Daesung: A girl with a pretty smile

Seungri: An adorable and petite older woman


Yoon Doo Joon: Someone who appears innocent and calm but is actually quite a tomboy

Jang Hyun Seung: A woman with a pretty head

Yong Joon Hyun: A girl with well-defined facial features and likes him

Yang Yoseob: An adorable girl with long straight hair

Lee Ki Kwang: A nice woman with a pretty smile who is also both innocent and sexy

Son Dong Woon: A girl with long straight hair and looks great with her hair half up and half down



Junsu: Someone with a pretty smile, and someone who makes wise decisions

Nichkhun: A cute and kindhearted woman

Taecyeon: Someone who looks great in jeans and does her work well

Wooyoung: A chubby and has dark skinned woman, who also looks innocent and adorable

Junho: Someone who issuitable to be the mother of his children

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