New Female Duo Jevice Releases Debut MV for “I’ll Love” Feat. Girl’s Day Yura

Dream Tea Entertainment‘s new female duo Jevice has released their debut digital single “I’ll Love” and music video today. The song features label mate Yura from Girl’s Day.

The two members of the group are Hana and Juri. As previously reported, Hana was a pre-debut member of T-ara and used the stage name Ji Ae. The other member, Juri, was previously well-known for being part of the “Man’s Qualification” choir along with Sun Woo, Bae Da Hae and Shin Bora. Her exceptional vocal skills garnered much attention at the time.

The music video is simple and shows off the studio recording of the song. Between scenes of them singing, the two members and Yura show off their cute charms.