Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung’s Gorgeous Sister Revealed!

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung has a beautiful sister, it has recently been revealed. Choi Soojin, a musical actress in “Midnight,” has attracted attention not only for her performances but for her relationship with the girl group member.

On SBS’s“One Night of TV Entertainment” entertainment program, there was a segment called “Resemblance of Stars’ Voices,” in which the voices of celebrities were compared with each other.

At one point, the MCs heard the voice of Choi Soojin in “Midnight” and identified it as Sooyoung singing. The celebrities present were convinced it was Sooyoung’s voice. However, it turned out that it was her sister Soojin, not Sooyoung. The resemblance of their voices scored at 72.61%, which emerged as the surprise of the day for the broadcast.

In the same episode, Eom Ki Joon, Yoo Jun Sang, Changmin, Lee Hyun, and others’ voices were put in comparison with one another.