Girls’ Generation YoonA Watching Herself on “Love Rain” in Japan!

Girls’ Generation YoonA recently posted a picture of herself watching, well, herself! On July 26, YoonA made a post on the official Girls’ Generation website with the title, “Everybody It Has Been a While.”

In the post YoonA wrote, “A few days ago I came to Japan to promote ‘Love Rain’ and I am happy that a lot of people are showing interest. I watched the first episode of ‘Love Rain’ which just began to broadcast in Japan. I have taken a picture for proof. Watching ‘Love Rain’ hear is very strange and it makes me nervous at the same time.”

In the pictures that YoonA posted, she looks both beautiful and surprised at herself appearing on Japanese television. YoonA and Jang Geun Suk were a part of a press conference in Japan for promoting Fuji TV’s broadcast of ‘Love Rain.’”