SISTAR’s Sexy and Innocent Photoshoot for “Vogue Girl”

The SISTAR members got together to do a “Vogue Girl” photoshoot. It looks as the concept was both innocence and sexiness. The members were dressed up in different attires that were white. This gave off an innocent feel while the clothes themselves were also very sexy.

As you can see in the pictures, many of the photos have the SISTAR members in interesting poses wearing interesting expressions as well!

Netizens that have come across the photoshoot pictures stated, “The SISTAR members deserve to be mascots of the London Olympics,” “Were the SISTAR members this pure,” “The SISTAR members are now truly pure goddesses,” and “The SISTAR photoshoot makes them look like innocent girls.”

On September 15, SISTAR will have their first exclusive concert at the Seoul Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall.