Won Bin Is Your Average Netizen?

Recently a post appeared on an online community regarding Won Bin and is spreading like wildfire. The post was titled, “Netizen Won Bin who is going around and replying.” The picture that accompanied the post was a screen shot of Won Bin replying to fans on his fan café.

The first reply was to a fan who was waiting for his return so much that she thought her neck would fall off. Won Bin replied, “Your neck won’t fall off. Kk ^^”

The second reply was to a fan that went to sleep after being full of eating pizza. Won Bin replied, “You shouldn’t eat right after you eat… Do a lot of breathing exercises before you sleep… ^^”

The third and fourth reply was about how Binus (Won Bin’s fan club) members need to be healthy, and that he would like to fly away with them.

The last one shows Won Bin copying a fan by typing a funny laughter word by word, because it is impossible to copy and paste on the fan club.

What do you think of Won Bin’s replies?