Shin Se Kyung’s See-Through Airport Fashion

On this past July 24, actress Shin Se Kyung garnered attention for her the natural and casual airport fashion she showed at Kimpo Airport on her way to Jeju Island for a cosmetic commercial.

On this day, Shin wore a daring see-through top with black skinny jeans, contrasting her coy and elegant image, and instead showing her charming and captivating side.

Also, the general consensus of fashion people is that Shin’s big peach-colored bag worked well in concert with Shin’s skin tone to emphasize her unique innocent and healthy image, even though she was barefaced with no make-up.

Although she was wearing comfortable clothes, Shin managed to give off a graceful and womanly aura, putting her on the top of the airport fashionista list.

Netizens who came upon the photo commented,”Shin Se Kyun is as expected. Superior fashionista,” “Even a casual airport fashion brings out sexiness and beauty,” “The bag Shin Se Kyung is carrying is pretty. I totally want it,” and more.