Kim Ha Neul Rocks the “White Skinny Pants” Fashion

Actress Kim Ha Neul has recently been attracting attention not only for her portrayal of a 36-year-old high school teacher in love in SBS weekend drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” but for her fashion in the show. Local news agencies picked up on a collection of photos that captured the actress looking beautiful as her character Seo Yi Soo in the drama.

In the photos, Kim Ha Neul is seen wearing the “it item” of the season, white skinny pants. The pants are paired with soft pastel tops, colorful shoes or heels, creating what audiences have been calling the “Seo Yi Soo look.”

Reports say that her fashion has been a point of envy among women and the items that the actress has been wearing in the drama are fast selling out. After every “A Gentleman’s Dignity” episode airs, fashion stores receive inquiries on the clothes that Kim Ha Neul was wearing.

The photo collage has received a variety of reactions from netizens, saying, “It’s hard to copy Kim Ha Neul’s fashion since I don’t have the body for it,” “My mouth is dry, how do I do that?” “So cute, Kim Ha Neul in white jeans,” “We want Seo Yi Soo’s white look!” “Hail to the diet,” and such comments.