New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 July Week 4

CHAOS 1st mini-album (July 26)

01 Racer
02 Hurry Up and Go
03 Icy Lady
04 Last Night
05 She Is Coming

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CHAOS releases their first mini-album titled this month. The title track is “Racer,” a powerful upbeat electric synth number with lyrics about a guy determined to make a charming girl his. Other songs worth mentioning are “Hurry Up and Go,” a medium-tempo number about a man’s feelings after finding out that his girlfriend cheated on him, and house dance number, “Icy Lady.”

Shin Yong Jae (4men) mini-album Vol. 1 – 24 (released)

01 All I Ever Think About is You (Intro)
02 TV Ended
03 Reason I Became a Singer
04 Again and Again
05 It’s You
06 Confession (feat. One Piece)
07 Reason I Became a Singer (INST)
08 Again and Again (INST)
09 TV Ended (INST)
10 It’s You (INST)
11 Confession (INST)

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Shin Yong Jae of 4men releases his first mini-album titled, “24” this summer. The album was produced by the singer himself. There are two title tracks in this album – “Reason I Became a Singer” and “Again and Again.” The latter number is the main title track and is about having feelings for a woman no matter how hard he tries not to. The other title track is “Reason I Became a Singer,” a song based on the artist’s personal life.

Various Artists – LOEN Tree Summer Story (released)

01 Moonlight Sea
02 Take Out
03 Brave Girls
04 Run to the Moon (With Kobo)
05 Bonus Track

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LOEN Entertainment releases a project album this summer featuring artists under its label including IU, Gain, Sunny Hill, Zia, and more. The title track is “Moonlight Sea,” a duet number between IU and upcoming girl group Fiestar. The song has a very summery feel to it with retro 80’s synth pop sounds.

Epik High – The Collection 2003-2010 (August 2)

Disc 1

01 Umbrella (feat. Younha)
02 Day of Peace
03 Aphasia (feat. Paloalto)
04 Lady (High Society)
05 Fallin (fet. Jo Ye Jin of Lucite Tokki)
06 Love Love Love (fat. Yoon Jin of Casker)
07 1Minute 1 Second (Feat. Taru)
08 Even If Alone (feat. Clazziquai)
09 Paris (feat. Jisun of Loveholic)
10 Coffee (feat. Sung Ah)
11 November 1st (feat. Kim Jae Suk of WANTED)
12 Song Collection (feat. DJ Zio)
13 Fly (feat. Amin, J of Soulciety)
14 One (Feat. Jisun of Loveholic)
15 I Remember (feat. Kensie)

Disc 2

01 Lesson 2 (Sunset)
02 Eight by Eight (Feat. Dynamic Duo, Dok2, Double K, Tbny)
03 Habit (Feat. Ha Dong Kyun)
04 Sharpening Pencils (feat. Kebee)
05 Wordkill
06 Lesson 3 (Mc)
07 The Future feat. Yankie)
08 Hardship (feat. Han Sang Won)
09Let It Rain (Feat. Kim Jong Wan of Nell)
10 I’m Happy (feat. JW of Nell)
11 Your Pieces (feat. Jisun of Loveholic)
12 Flow (feat. Emi Hinouchi)
13 Follow the Flow (feaet. D-Tox, Myk)
14 Breakdown
15 My Ghetto (feat. Kim Yeon Woo)

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Epik High releases a two-disc compilation album titled, “The Collection 2003-2010” this summer. This 30-track album consists of some of the group’s top hits such as “Umbrella,” “Fly,” and “One.” Top artists are featured in these tracks.

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