Will T-ara’s Hwayoung Be Kicked Out or Will She Stay?

So today looks like a big day for T-ara fans. On July 28, the CEO of Core Contents Media stated, “Only July 30 at 1PM (KST) there will be a big announcement regarding T-ara.”

Before this announcement there were tweets between the members that seemed to indicate discord among the members. Currently the theory is that the announcement that will be made later today (KST) will be regarding the member Hwayoung.

According to representative of the K-Pop industry, either Hwayoung will be taken out of T-ara or she will stay. Either way, it appears that the reason the CEO has waited a few days to make the announcement, is to give the T-ara members time to fix whatever problems they are having among themselves.

Stay tuned to Soompi.com for the 1pm (KST) announcement!