T-ara’s Hwayoung Gets the Boot, Contract Extinguished

So it appears that the rumors going on in the music industry were right, T-ara’s Hwayoung is leaving the group!

On July 30 the official statement that the CEO Kim Kwang Soo made was the following: “After getting the opinions of T-ara’s 19 staff members.” He continued, “Because Hwayoung is a rapper that has a lot of potential we have decided to end her contract without any conditions. We firmly believe that she will be able to grow as a singer at a different place as a free agent singer.”

When explaining the reason behind ending Hwayoung’s contract he stated, “I would like to repeat that the T-ara’s bully theories are not true,” “Because I consider teamwork more important than each individual member of T-ara I have decided to respect the opinion of the 19 staff members. I decided to make this decision after thinking that there should be no staff members that are having a hard time anymore,” and “I thought for a long time if this was the right decision, although I know it hurts as much as your skin being pierced I made this decision for T-ara’s future and continued existence. With the staff members I have helped the T-ara members come to an understanding all-night until 7am this morning.”

Lastly he apologized to T-ara’s fans and then to T-ara by stating, “Once again I relay my sorry heart to T-ara and hope that Hwayoung becomes a great rapper.”