ChAOS Leader Park Taeyang Reveals Letter to Fans

Leader of rookie group ChAOS shared his appreciation for fans.

ChAOS had released their comeback album “Racer” on July 27. The group’s leader Park Taeyang had taken to Twitter to express his gratitude toward fans by revealing a handwritten letter he wrote. He uploaded the letter to Twitter creating quite a buzz among fans. The gesture impressed those who read the letter.

The letter read, “The road is a long one, but you have stayed faithful. Invariably waiting for five months, chaoNYX, we cannot thank you enough. You constantly believed in and waited for us no matter what. You gave us strength to survive even when we were too tired! We promise ChAOS’ return to the stage will be great.”

Netizens showed warm reactions to the post, “I am completely impressed,” “It was definitely worth the wait,” “I will be a fan of ChAOS forever,” “This is exactly why I love you,” and “I hope for the best for ChAOS in the future.”

Meanwhile, ChAOS has been actively promoting their latest title track, “Racer.”