Hwayoung Speaks Out for the First Time since Contract Termination with T-ara

On July 30, Hwayoung left a succinct but powerful message on her Twitter, shortly after Core Contents Media released a statement regarding her contract termination with T-ara.

Hwayoung tweeted, “…Facts without truth,” around 1:40 PM Monday, about 40 minutes after the statement by Core Contents Media was made public. Hwayoung’s twin sister, Hyoyoung, who’s part of Five Dolls, also expressed her frustration, tweeting, “…”

Both tweets are interpreted as the sibling’s direct response to the statement made by Kim Kwang Soo, the CEO of Core Contents Media. Earlier today, he said in a statement that, “Because Hwayoung is a rapper that has a lot of potential we have decided to end her contract without any conditions. We firmly believe that she will be able to grow as a singer at a different place as a free agent singer.”

Kim, however, denied all “bully rumors” that said the rest of the T-ara members deliberately bullied and ostracized Hwayoung from the rest of the group. He said the decision was solely based on the opinions of 19 T-ara staff members, and that she will not be held under any future contractual obligations, allowing her to sign with any other agency in the future.